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This is beautiful and it has nothing to do with colour
bessie Jones
Musical Lesson for me, not everything that’s fresh has to be digital music, as I googled the music behind this showreel – (you can read the rest of the post from the link above)

“Bessie Jones (1902 – 1984), gospel singer from the Georgia Sea Islands. She learned her songs from her grandfather, a former slave born in Africa. She was a founding member of the Georgia Sea Island Singers. Alan Lomax first encountered Bessie Jones on a southern trip in 1959. Jones made her way up to New York City two years later and asked Lomax to record both her music and biography.

Jones told an interviewer in Alachua, Florida in the early 1980’s, that she was born in Lacrosse, Florida, (Alachua County), when that area was a tung oil production area. Jones also said she hadn’t been to a doctor since 1925 and that she wore many copper bracelets which protected her from disease.”

Classic “what what” example.
This is a magnificent video capturing the mood of the music so well.
This has become a trend in South African Hip Hop scene with everyone going for the B+W route, the likes of HHP – Music and lights, Slikour – Umsindo – Remix, Imbube AMA VUVUZELA REMIX.

This still looks good on Bravia sony-bravia-v4500-hdtv

Colour B+W has a way to make even “what what” look classic ntswenbu

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