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Maxwell | Black Summer’s Night

The Neo-Soul great Maxwell is back on scene with release of his new album in 7 years entitled “Black Summer’s Night“(in stores July 7) .

The album for the most part is pretty much what you’ll expect from Maxwell. Alot of cool laidback jazzy soul. It is not as upbeat as Maxwell’s previous albums. The majority of the 9 songs (yes only 9 songs) are more the style of Lifetime than upbeat style of Cococure.

The Maxwell faithful will probably enjoy this release more than someone new to Maxwell’s music. For some the album may be a disappointment for those seeking a more grandiose entry back onto music scene from Neo-Soul King.

Although I enjoyed his previous albums more I think this is still a decent release from Maxwell and from somebody who has been absent from the musical landscape for a number of years.

Though the album may be more on the slow side it does have hints of that feel good upbeat soul of Maxwell of previous years.

The track “Fistful Of Tears” is reminiscent of 1999 ’s “Fortunate”. The song “Help Somebody” is classic Maxwell in the vein of “Sumthin Sumthin”. And the track “Love You” is indeed Maxwell redux….Maxwell for a new generation of Neo-Soul listeners. If this what Maxwell has planned for the future, and I believe he does, we will hearing more great music from Neo-Soul master we know and love.

All in all it’s great to have Maxwell in back in action. Hearing his voice on Alchemist’s Smile I’m sure brought back many good memories for those who remember Maxwell back in day. Now we have this nice 9 song album to create new memories to.

Stop The World- Maxwell [3:56m]:

Love You – Maxwell [3:35m]


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