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DJ Premier vs. DJ Scratch

Personally a teaser for this upcoming show, which is a tribute to Dj Premier and Pete Rock. Here is what the organisers have to say about the movement.

“First thing you need to understand is that, there is music, and there is music!

You have what is picked up and transmitted onto airwaves amidst model-c accents peppered with kasi slang then beamed onto T.V screens one after the other- one looking like the other and inducing the same seizures underneath strobe lights and garish T-shirts in nightclubs everywhere.

And then, an ear-to-the ground distance away, there is Music Atlast ®, a counter culture movement at odds with the sheep-like, cookie-cutter music scene. But, make no mistake; it wasn’t hate that spawned the crew, but the love of all beautiful, hypnotic suppressed beats everywhere. The crew consists of 7 principal members, Romz Deluxe, Symatics, Themba, Kongisto, Nkonketse and Captain Schti and a growing number of guest turntable junkies.

With hip-hop as the starting point, this band of beat-meisters journey backwards, forwards and
sometimes even sideways, playing an eclectic mix of funk, hip-hop, soul, electro, big beats and
whatever beats your mother approves.

If nothing else, it’s the people who choose
Music Atlast® as their musical home who deserve praise. It could have been so easy to let the status quo stand and sink deeper into they’re fully stocked mp3 players. Be true to Jozi infamous fickleness when it comes to new gigs. However the opposite is happening, since its inception Music Atlast® has grown not only in size and stature, but also in the music we explore. Let there be music at last!”

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