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Mid Week Hip Hop Mix / How to get a YGB T-Shirt

Well I have not posted anything in a while… I could write about my incredible weekend in Cape Town for the Loeries 2009 Awards and post images to go with it,

but I will leave the documenting to peeps that are good at that sort of thing.

So I decided to post a not so old good mix instead, to get you and yours through this week. hope you enjoy it. I plan to update these regularly, so keep checking, even if its just for the player – new or old I can only guarantee good music*-

Check Mix Podcast on the right hand side

Okay, Okay I couldnt help myself but had to show what you would have to do for a YGB T-shirt at the club!

Thanks to a friend who was at the right spot, at the right time when this unfolded.

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