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Somebody say Scream!!

So I stumbeld upon this dude on the internets calling himself “kwaitomusic” upon snooping around on his twitter account. It turns out that he is based in the UK – land of fish and chips, bangers and mash, Mary Poppins, Big Ben, River Thames and well you get the drift. I navigated to his website titled Hmmm, (I thought to myself) so Athur, Mdu, Sbu, Bouga Luv, Magesh, Thebe, Oskido, or even Mandoza never thought of acquiring this URL?, okay maybe cats aren’t really on these internets, hey they’ve got street cred to maintain right? (somebody please correct me..) subliminally this reminds of this Nas track These are our heroes (okay, maybe that comparison is a bit off) maar, fede I should reconsider cause Thebe strung some time back that “Bhek’ Indaba Zakho” But still what about their advertisers, marketing or management people even A&R people.. Okay I realise that Im rumbling on about shit that’s done. Jiti, Smoko, iFlop is that we are ignorant about what makes us – culturally -musically, that this guy had to go and do it. just like the vuvuzela incident then go around and do what I do, Nothin..

Big up to the guy that saw this opportunity and took it, What up Mate!


Doubtful Kwaito lover. Bafana Bafana supporter

(drops the microphone and leaves)

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