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DJ Jazzy Jeff – Gimme the Doe.

My favorite DJ, Jazzy Jeff, took some acapellas of his favorite MC’s songs and put his beat to them. The outcome is a free EP titled My Faves Vol. 1 with original production that slid under the radar and I just found out about it now. So since this is the season of giving. here is an early Holidays present of sorts enjoy!


Biggie – Gimme the Doe
Wu Tang – Loot
Jay – Z – Moment of Clearness
Nas – Uno Amore
Pharcyde – Passin by Me
Biggie – Hip No Ties
Jay – Z – Allow me Too…
Nas – It Ain’t Hard
Juice Crew – Da Orchestra
Jay – Z – Dirty Shoulders
Biggie – Kick the Door In
Audio Two – Bill the Top
Nas – Made u Peek
Black Moon – Dollatown
Jay – Z – Hustle Knockin

Mixtape Link

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