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Objectified: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit

Objectified:A documentary film by Gary Hustwit examines the relationship between consumers and their relationships to objects in the context of design, art and functionality. He interviews top innovatory designers who have shaped the modern world we live in today through design, from Johnathan Ive from Apple, talking about the psychology in purchasing behavior to the founding fathers of Ideo and Dieter Rams legendary Braun designer. 

The film gives you deep insights into the creative process of design, the functionality of design and the utter need for design.

In a panel at this year’s Design Indaba called “Documenting Design”.  Thought leaders Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) along with good friend Doug Pray( Scratch, Art & Copy), filmmaker Eames Demetrios, design critic & graphic designer Michael Beirut  were on a panel called “Documenting Design”. The discussion focused on the interesting topic of the creative process in design and film.

Where do you draw the line between the two?

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