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Football Friday.

Today is the last Football Friday before the Kickoff to the the 2010 Fifa World Cup on 11th June 2010 at Johannesburg Soccer-City, between South Africa and Mexico. The spirit has consumed the country into a frenzy and international marketers alike.

The unveiling of the branding on The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg, this morning – I was there!

Everyone is crazy about mirror socks and jalopies are branded alike. It is quiet a colourfull sight on our roads.

The results are these sometimes over the top “Pepsi” take of football life in South Africa and the I don’t understand German or Dutch but I get the message ala ‘Heineken’ type.

All I want to do is be official like FIFA and shout “Ke Nako”. sans ‘SABC’: Feel it, It is here.. with a cold brew in hand having illusions of Brazilian mamis cheering to my Vuvuzela.

The German Solution to a Dutch Trumpet? – Wait until they hear the Vuvuzela!!

The Dutch take on the “Makarapa” – This is funny, but ja many stories have been told..

Predictable Safari Africa.. World’s firstt movable pitch, Only in Africa.

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