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Enough with the World Cup, bring on the football!

Yes I can feel the World Cup, it is here!! But, come tomorrow I will be glad to see the World Cup make way for the football. With so much attention on the World Cup we run the risk of taking our eyes off the ball. The World Cup has been in our faces for far too long: Constructing stadiums, building roads, laying tracks for the Gautrain, “creating a lasting legacy”, “creating an opportunity to share the spirit of Ubuntu”, selling the romanticized ideal of Africa’s humanity etc. When the world cup finally takes its rightful place (away from the spotlight), the ball starts rolling and with it comes the pain, sweat, blood and tears, which is really what the World Cup is about.

I hope tomorrow, for 90minutes, Bafana can forget the World Cup and keep their eyes on the ball. I hope they forget the pressure on their shoulders, the expectation of a nation, I hope they can forget that, “Mandela brought the world cup to Africa”, I hope they can forget their moment in history. I hope they can forget that this is the first “African world cup”, I hope they forget that “Sepp Blatter believed in Africa from day one”. I hope tomorrow Bafana just play football.

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