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YouTube + Guggeneheim = Play Biennial Channel (YouTubePlay)

Youtube & the Guggenheim Museum have joined creative forces and formed an innovative partnership between the video site and the renowned museum.  This collaborative union has seen the launch of a new creative site called YouTubePlay, which launched on Monday.  This site invites users to submit their short creative videos at The top 20 are then chosen by a jury of creative judges and can be viewed at the Guggenheim museums around the world.

This move to everything digital is nothing new. Google has recently begun an online library, where they have been copying millions of the world’s out-of -print and out-of-copy books and storing them in an online archive.  So far they have scanned 12 million books. This project is called the Google Library Project and gives online users access to millions of titles from all around the world. twitter has had all their public and private tweets archived at the U.S. Library of Congress, the biggest library in the world.

This new approach to mashing art with technology is an opportunity to see how technological platforms can change or influence the art form. This is something new and daring and by all means relevant in a time when the world is going digital. In my opinion I feel that we as humans are preparing for the end of our world and our species as we know it, the end of our demise. True to human nature we want to leave something behind for those who are yet to come.

See the entire project here

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