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Converse’s Optimistic Rebels


In June 2010 Converse launched a campaign along with their new new range of shoes called ‘Optimistic Rebels’. Converse speaks to the heart of youth & youth culture. Converse stands for individuality. Whilst ‘Optimistic Rebels’ talks to the soul of SA Youth, the Rainbow Kids, who are eternal optimists & style stars. The campaign strives to engender and support local fresh creative youth who despite the odds against them express themselves & bring their creativity to life.

The campaign began in June (Youth Month) with a media launch held at the MOMO Gallery in Parkhurst. The event featured well known faces such as Kabelo from TKZee, the ever so fine Lungsta and for some strange reason Khanyi Mbau? Anyway, they were picked up at an undisclosed venue then taxied to the MOMO Gallery. Upon arrival the crowd were then given a live fashion show of the ever so trendy & fresh range called ‘Optimistic Rebel’.

The campaign also lives online. They are currently running a competition called the ‘Optimistic Rebels Film Festival’ unearthing talented crazy, inventive youth in their pursuit of creative expression & freedom. Innovative expressionists upload a 2 minute film onto the website showcasing their inspired design in art, music, fashion, dance, comedy, life or learn. The fearless designers are then judged by viewers on their ‘Optimistic Rebels’ talent. They stand a chance to win a cash component of R40 000 & product to the value of R5000.

The competition ends on the 1’st of December 2010 where judges will decide who is the most rebellious or optimistic of the lot.

Join the Rebels Movement at here

The Revolution will be televised!

*image via onesmallseed

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