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Hate is Love

My president is a good man. He means well. My president has a zero tolerance for alcohol. He believes in his heart of hearts that alcohol is bad.  The rich aroma of beer, revered all over the world by those who imbibe, revolts him. And in his determined effort to stamp out alcohol off the face of the land, my President added a 30% levy to every bottle of local beer consumed. Now we learn that in the short space of a year, the Alcohol Levy has yielded over a 100 million Pula. And that money will be used to construct recreational facilities in primary schools, and the people rejoice. My president is a good man. Alcohol is not good, but its good. So logic tells me then that, the more people drink, the more money we collect from the levy. So could it be then that the president hates alcohol? Me thinks this Hate is Love!!! But then again my president is a good man, he means well!!!

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