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This weekend is Soweto

You’ve got Friday to figure out, but Saturday and Sunday are too good to be anywhere else than in the great township.

So Saturday 6th November 2010 it is Redbull Kasi Crawl,

In true, pan-African style, Kasi Crawl brings you 4 stages, each hosted by a local icon from the worlds of House, Hip Hop, Dancehall and Kwaito:

The Party People stage presented by the ever-popular Hip Hop scholar and innovator, DJ Kenzhero
The Music Light Love stage with ex- Red Bull Music Academy participant and world record holding DJ (he played for 60 hours with one arm), the one, the only, Black Coffee. Having personally selected his favourite South African House line-up, this promises to be a day of House you don’t want to miss.
The African Storm stage with curators, Admiral and Jah Seed. Purveyors of the reggae dancehall scene in South Africa since 1997 with their sounds of Buju, Sizzla, Marley, Tosh and other reggae legends, who else but this formidable pair could be called upon to ‘run tings’ on the reggae stage?
And finally, the Keep Soweto Alive stage where you’ll find House, Kwaito and the sounds of the ‘kasi’ alive and kicking!

Ah well, this is dissapointing. Just saw this on djkenzhero twitter profile – next year it is then.

To end off your weekend.

On Sunday 7th November 2010, Thesis Social Jam is holding it doing with Music At Last.

Art, poetry, music, design in a mzansi sphere. equals Great Weekend!

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