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2010 according to Google

2010 was a world wind of a year. Google takes us through how the world was searched according to Google.
It offers a great global perspective however it is lacking from a a local perspective. I have highlighted some of the top stories & headlines that were major in our country according to news24 and from people in the street these were the top 10 stories in our country:

1. Ju Ju kicks out a BBC journalist & calls him a bloody agent
2. Visagie has a confrontation, where he threatened to touch people on their studio
3. Jacob Zuma had a child with Ivan Khoza’s daughter. He truly is the Father of a Nation
4. Lolly Jackson was shot & killed
5. With the World Cup in the country, Europeans were able to have the Vuvuzela banned – in our own country!
6. Strikes, everyone went on strike at the same time at some point this year
7. The murder of right wing activist Eugene Terre’Blanche by a 15 year old boy
8. Steve Hofmeyer was quoted in saying that all black people were criminals, this comment had him removed from “Shout” a movement against crime that was started by Danny K & Kabelo
9. Wikileaks
10. Shrien Dewani – that’s all that I’m saying

Wishing everyone a Happy holidays

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