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Various Artist – ‘ ‘ is back

This state of music reminds me of the ragga / dancehall culture, where a single ‘riddim’ would have myriad remixes.. and everyone would be okay with it, deemed battle sparring to up their skills. Could this be the modern day version of putting it on wax, for the streets? (not the band) I mean the bloggers and the bedroom gangstas.

As you will see below all these versions except one don’t have an official videos simply because they are not making any “money” of them… although I think I came across a Reebok is back version with that Swizz Beatz guy (side money), not going to talk about that here anyway.. (rap economics)

Let me elaborate, this was started off by Rick Ross (The Rap Guy) and Meek Millz (latest sign-ups) doing Tupac is back off their upcoming Self Made Album alongside Wale.

Someone had to represent for The Notorious B.I.G. That rapper guy that once put Brooklyn and New York on his back, So Maino did the remix.

Joel Ortiz had to do his version – Big Pun is back.

Sans the controversy with Pun’s widow, which I wont get into, this track was well done, maybe I’m biased because of the video, just in time for the puerto rican parade on sunday. (strategy) whichever camp you put your allegiance to, it doesn’t matter because at the end of it all,

Hip Hop is Love.

Mahlathini is Back!

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