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Elzhi – It aint hard to tell.

First of all who the F redoes a Nas album, better yet who is crazy enough and redoes Illmatic

An Mc from Detroit did.. that rapper guy Elzhi from the group Slum Village that has been slept on for a minute, Yeah he did it..

So the situation goes like Nas did the classic and Elzhi redefined it.. This particular track and album would be considered a sacred scripture if Hip Hop were a religion.

I couldn’t stop listening to this Mixtape titled Elmatic for a month straight! on my travels.. (drive music) that is a rarity considering the microwave albums we get lately. (no names will be mentioned)

Could it be the replayed sounds on some of the tracks, or was it the rejuvenated take on an album that every Hip hop head knew so well… Maybe only Nas could spawn this again.

alas it is a beautiful project. get it if you can.

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