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Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on their Own


A Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix

Funny how artists and people in general are always appreciated when they have passed on. I honestly did not think much of Amy Winehouse until the social media announcement of her death this past Saturday afternoon.

‘not thinking much’ you might say.. I mean except for when she played on the radio or some girl suggesting I listen to some particular song of hers, I would never think much of her, I don’t think I ever had the Back to Black album. I don’t dispute that she has a beautiful voice – kinda like Lauryn Hill, sometimes. In fact my first introduction to this songstress was on a remix that which Pharohe Monch did for ‘rehab’


Typically I saw this as a plug for some new artist, not thinking much of her.. anyway she went on to produce great music and live her rock-star lifestyle and well the rest is History..

I quickly did my own investigation to verify the news, and after a few input variations and some frantic tapping and sliding of my mobile, I came across a few suspect blogs.. you know the ones that have in the past reported that Justin Bierber is a girl, reporting her death in some London apartment: too romantic, to be true I thought.

So I dismissed the whole situation.. Memories of Mdu Masilela’s death on Facebook came back to me and I remember being one of the first people to put a ‘R.I.P Mdu’ as my FB status, then quickly buried my head in the sand when the news were proven false. I must admit I was kinda gutted by the Mdu situation, even though I didn’t know the dude from a bar of soap, but I grew up and identified with his music, so I was glad that the whole thing was not true. I secretly hoped that that he would use the buzz to atleast release a Greatest Hits album or a comeback album, alas he never did.

Nway back to the Saturday afternoon.

I got back onto my mobile but this time I was searching for someone or something to verify that this is just another twitter Hoax.. (remember Obama) until I hit Wikipedia…

My heart sank a bit, as all her music, rushed through my heard in a few compressed seconds, and for that time, I got a bit sad.. I then proceeded to hit another Poncho.

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