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JOZI | 75 Exhibition | 18 – 28th August 2011

Last week Thursday on a chilly Jozi night, I had the privilege of attending a 75 Exhibition and meeting the faces behind the lenses at 75 as well as the exhibitors explaining their pieces… you know real arty stuff! wine, cheese and crackers. The night went on and was accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack.

The ‘cool’ people of Jozi were out for an alternative night of fun, In particular I remember an interesting conversation I had with one of the owners of the venue relaying his experiences about the entertainment and art industry – riveting stuff I tell ya…

The conversation, the atmosphere coupled with a few sips of the golden liquid and the captivating images left me a bit cultured.

After all that, all I could capture were 13 seconds of my time there (Ahwell).

So if you want the full experience, do yourself a favour and go recognise what dope photographers are doing out there. The exhibition is running until Sunday 28th August 2011.

Get more info on the exhibition here


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