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Woody – The Notorious BIG: Remixed Album

My man @miqaelzulu put me on to this album and if you know me you should know that I’m a big Biggie remix fiend… sharing is caring, thus I felt it right to share with all you guys. After scouring the internets for a minute to find the main story behind these remixes I got this.

Music producer and recording engineer, Woody, drops a 9-track Biggie remixtape featuring his original beats layered with classic Notorious B.I.G. acapellas. Providing a different taste from the originally recorded tracks, the sound of Woody’s production, ranging from classic boom-bap hip hop, to soulful R&B, to futuristic 808 and chill vibes, excellently compliments the moods set by the rhymes and delivery of Biggie.

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