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Night Drive mixed by T-Rang

Night Drive Cover

Click on the image to download.

So it is the weekend before you get your champagne beans to toast with everyone that cannot avoid you… Your endorphins are low and you cant exactly go gidigidi…
Well, I’ve got a 3 step plan to ease you into the weekend.

Step 1: Download this mix
Step 2: Burn it to disc
Step 3: Pop it, into your car system and drive.

Take a night drive with some Soulful House tunes mixed by the legendary T-rang Yep! you can Follow him on twitter.

Even if you are ballin and aren’t tied up by monetary constraints you can still download the mix separates (yes you can skip tracks) and transfer it to your mp3 player… better yet, transfer it onto your mobile phone and transmit it to a radio frequency.. Hell! lets just start a radio station for everyone to enjoy.

You know this is not the last one right…

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