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Superfantabulous Sessions 1 of 4

It was an easy day; one of those snuck in-between holidays that only the ‘Calendar Pimps’ knows exist. You can say that I was none the wiser, thus the reason I got the invite while I was crafting pixels. It read something like ‘Listening session at my place come through’

I gleamed at the thought of a listening session but was shrugged at the realisation that my joints were not in tow, but my trusted USB was in my pocket. – a sigh of relief came over me, even though no-set was prepared – I was going to roll with it.. Knock – off time came, the last amendment was sent, whipped the jalopy into 6th gear and headed for the session but grabbed some gold in a can en-route the spot.

I could already surmise images of good company, interesting conversations and perhaps some liquid for the pain. Upon my arrival at the spot all three were present and then the music started… We opened up the session with djwitaphd who took us on a soundscape journey to a place of happiness. What happened in-between might be explained as euphoria, bliss, the love of house music and then some.

This is the 1st of the 4 mixes that set president to the evening.


Download it here to enjoy it later #Superfantabulous Check back, next week to see where the evening took us…

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