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FeatherFlight Sessions 1 of 4


It had been a while since I had been to a gratifying chill session, so when I got the invite to go to FeatherFlight session I was intrigued and my music bones started tingling.

I did my usual Saturday routine of running errands and before I knew it the sun was down and I was en-route to get a taste of some musical bliss. When we arrived at our destination, we quickly got the formalities out of the way, and let the music take center stage.

With drinks in hand, beautiful conversation transpiring, @DjwithaPhD opened up the sets and set the tone for the night with a young 30 minutes.


This was to be the start of four all-inspiring sets… I was taken on a musical journey that I had been yearning for and it was nothing less than orgasmic. In a nut shell it was personal, fresh, enthusiastic yet unpretentious!

So stay tuned as I bring you more of the FeatherFlight sessions in the weeks to come.

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