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Take Away – Banyana

So I decided to post this track upon noticing that banyana ba soweto – take away was one of the top searched items on my analytics and it took me to a time and place 3 years ago at one of those agency bar nights. 2 MC’s Bhubesii, P.O. Box and 1 DJ Sims behind the decks delivering a fresh performance complete with attire and stage routine, all cramped in an agency bar.

I enjoyed the concept of take away cooks / chefs rocking music like they would take away food. They served a fresh sound that was reminiscent of mzansi’s artists from days gone by. It had elements of Senyaka, TKZee and some hip hop I had heard before but couldn’t pinpoint the origin – that’s the point right.

So drinks flowed, microphones echoed, the audience got immersed in the energy that was delivered before their eyes and a roaring applause departed them off stage. Special mention to my boy Mpumelelo Macu for organising the group Take Away for the perfomance. #respek #takeaway

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