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Tyson Sybateli & Jay Jody – If Found, Bring Home

When your friends become haters with a front row seat And you find yourself ignore all the girls of your dreams Nose bleed court views my opps got them cheap seats All they wanna knows my pockets when they money isn’t deep When you drop a song with wordz and talk to IMP like every week Niggas wonder if you gonna have a song with a Reece Wil you do a song with Jody is the beat from Mashbeatz I’m in Marcus harveys kitchen eating ribs jamming beats Your questions are getting tiring my deal offers too So many zoom meetings but they can’t magnify what I do Defjam said something universal did too But if I’m lying that’s okay these artists buying their views How you drop a vid in two days with a million views But the comments say five I’m smelling alot of lies I’m finally finding the time To hang with my friends My best friends on billboards while you beefing with yours 2019 I had four meetings in court You are not me Beat the case and got it scratched off me Born in Durban grew up with a purple city hobby I was out in Pheli eating kotas cause they got me Your grootmans still ask you for change y’all doing badly Four pockets full of that little baby don’t ask me Like Ashley I’m banking on will power that’s flashy Uncle Phil tossing beats in beatings that’s if you catch me Fuck a fair fight Big syba the snake life Had to shed those getting under my skin to get bread right You would swear that she was blowing off steam how the head right On my shoulders dirt balancing brush it I’m Jay like Iconic I’m Jaden like Bionic to pay the price That means I’ll terminate these beats at the cost of a haters life Who raised you niggas Talking cash shit with no cash Say you fucking thick bitches but her back is all flat Couple thousand rand grills they overcharged your dumb ass That is plastic not gold your image is straight cap Nigga Stop being broke we coming home Stop being broke we coming home You special if you got niggas that actually hate each other teaming up Wildin’ out in group chats , plotting , scheming & meeting up Talkin’ down on you , but face to face , they never speaking up Shit is getting crazy now cause Karma’s finally creeping up Stay on that side , nigga and make that grass greener Cause hoppin’ around crew to crew just makes you look weaker Me I kick my feet up, and stack my Gs up My dirty mouth done got me cleaned up ,so I bumped the fee up All you niggas wanna be Kings but not a respectable Knight I move chess-like cause I know my position in Life I speak bluntly cause my mind sharper than John’s knife Look at my cyph’ , nigga , no whack rapper in sight Who pays you niggas ? I perform way better on bad nights Give it a hundred percent , even when the fuckin’ bag’s light That’s light, cause I know I can just make it all back twice That’s like when Jesus turned the waters to red wines But I will never sell my only soul just to entertain Or break my own rules just to build a name When it rains it pours Royalty flow, so when I reign it storms After the Anvils , we the best shit that ever happened to the city Peace , love to the OGs and rest in peace Citi I ain’t gon lie my nigga that shit had me feeling kinda iffy Cause how the fuck does My solo album dropping this year Pray to God you corny niggas stop poppin’ this year Property 24 , I saw a house I’m coppin’ this year We fuckin’ the game up , ain’t no cock blocking this year (yeah) Sometimes this shit is not exciting Then I hear niggas spittin’ like Reece ,Touchline & Tyson Then I’m back in the booth Back like a villain , like M Bison If it’s war , it’s war nigga , I’m Thor with the fuckin’ lightning (ooh) Independent niggas look at the charts ,we keep climbing (yuh)

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