Trompie – 1990 EP (Instrumentals) `

1990 Instrumentals by Trompie Remember Super Producer dope 90’s swagga album Trompie did, some time back… well this is the instrumentals! “I was influenced by choral music” offers Trompie, a MC/deejay-turned-producer who came up from the back-alleys of Atteridgeville in … Continue reading


Superfantabulous Sessions 3 of 4

As you can take from last last week’s post this was one ideal session… people, the vibe, the music were beautiful. You’d start believing that the hearty laughter, toasting glasses and the ecstasy in the air would be the ultimate … Continue reading


Superfantabulous Sessions 2 of 4

Coming back from last weeks’ session, with the next hour, passing by quicker than you could say ‘what’s the name of that track, I’ve got to get it’ the sound system was starting to warm up… The doorbell ran and … Continue reading

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