Kendrick Lamar and Shantell Martin: Live in Miami

Kendrick Lamar and visual artist Shantell Martin provided an exhilarating 75-minute performance at Art Basel in Miami for their partnership with American Express’ Music Meets Art Campaign. Besides delivering a mind-blowing showcase, Lamar and Martin demonstrated their seamless chemistry in a new video featuring the two flexing their creative muscles for American Express.

First, Kendrick walks in and finds a beat-making machine and quickly hops on it to cook up several beats. Then, Shantell proceeds to walk in after and begins drawing on a blank canvas, while Kendrick continues chopping up different sounds. Together, the two produce a captivating work of art.


YoungstaCPT + Maloon TheBoom – Arabian Gang$ter #LHHW

While most of the musicians these days are working with other artists all over the world without knowing them, the swiss beatmaker Maloon TheBoom and Kaapstadts MC YoungstarCPT kept faith in their believe, that only a strong connection between each other can deliver quality music. This deep bond between Switzerland and South Africa was built over years by hundreds of hours in the studio. – The same room, at the same time.

With insight into important topics of today’s youth, they give a unique perspective and a level of consciousness mixed with unmatched lyrical ability on top of hard drum rhythms, sweet melodies and melodramatic chords. They managed to create meaningful and modern yet timeless music.

At the end of a long-lasting process a fresh and perfectly concerted album was born. Yungloon Taliboom is a creation that you won’t see often these days. Enjoy.