Mr Moeh 24 High On Medication – Friday Vibes 02


You know, sometimes you just have to start the weekend on a chilled mellow sh*t type of vibe. (I started the sentence with ‘You know’) Well my Lil Bro Mr Moeh 24 sourced the perfect ingredients and brewed a strong mix, that hits the spot just right (pause). Enjoy!


1. Frozen – Little Simz
2. Take2 – Esta
3. 2 On – Drake ( Melo – Zed Flip)
4. Henneysee – Crescere
5. First Light – Giorgio Oehlers
6. Pretend – Tinashe (abhi/Dijon remix)
7. Kowloon Master – Jasper Staal
8. Ms Fat Booty (Like Rewurk) – CallMelike
9. Swing Set – Mr Dibia$e
10. Bloodshed – Mills
11. Remembering You – R-Kay



Live&direct _ PlayKayStat x Mr Moeh 24

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
Live & direct – PlayKayStat x Mr Moeh 24, that basically sums it up… Okay, thing is I know these cats as fellow digital compadres who just love good music and have mad respect for their musical collections.

Every time I hang with these cats, I am certain to be schooled with some ‘nu sh*t’. So you can imagine my excitement when they decided to do a ‘cross country mix’ PlayKayStat in Jozi and Mr Moeh 24 reppin CPT . Needless to say that they didn’t disappoint.

Anyway enough manly love #pause.

Ease into the week, enjoy this musical assemble and download it while you still can.

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