Macro Kingdom is a small wonder with a Canon 5D Mark II

Macro Kingdom is a short movie by Clemento that uses a Canon 5D Mark II and a 65mm lens. Canon 5D Mark II 65mm lens ProVerb, ‘Break’ Shot by JobieOne and Proverb using the Canon 5D MK II and 50 … Continue reading


Skwatta Kamp – Summa

Skwatta Kamp’s First Music Video off the album “Fair and Skwear.” Track called ‘Summa’ Kruna on the chorus with cameos from Mr Slewyn, Amunishn, DJ Naves, Ma-E of Teargas, and Deep Level amongst other South Africa’s Rap finest. Shot on … Continue reading


Black + white

[youtube=] This is beautiful and it has nothing to do with colour Musical Lesson for me, not everything that’s fresh has to be digital music, as I googled the music behind this showreel – (you can read the rest of … Continue reading

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